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According to a report in the past three years, the robbery of the store has had a tremendous growth, which the weakness of the security systems of stores is the first and foremost reason to increase this type of strike.

This fact indicates that it is important to be able to pay more and more attention to the security issue at the store.

(EAS) Electronic surveillance of objects is an advanced technology used to prevent vandalism in stores or bookstores, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

A supermarket alarm or so-called gate gate includes an antenna on the output and separates or defers the corresponding tags. If a patrol or an outbound outgoing antenna exits out, the gate or antenna outputs the alarm and the dealer or seller will be aware of the illegal exit of the goods.

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The system’s alarm system tags are soft and hard tags, meaning single-hard plastic tags such as shell tags, golf tags, pin tags or pencils, etc., which are separated by a separator from clothing or merchandise They are kept for reuse. Soft softwares are labeled Valibel and are neutralized when sold by a neutralizing device or a diverter, and comes out with the product

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Unfortunately, in our country, one of the concerns of customers is to buy reputable after-sales service products from the product, BNT Gate Co., with the gathering of a young and active team of after sales services, is trying to attract the trust of its customers.


Due to the honor of being both the manufacturer and the direct importer of the products of the store gates and the anti-theft alarm system with a dedicated brand, we are ready to cooperate and sell the small and major products of high quality and reasonable prices to our respectable colleagues and customers.

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With a skilled and experienced staff, we are ready to provide free advice for our products in person and in absentia to assist you in choosing your product with the best possible quality, as well as installing products nationwide for free at no charge. Takes

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You can send the product name via SMS to 09120756194 and you will be contacted by BNB experts at the same time to send the product to you.

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Sales to our colleagues as a manufacturer and importer of the Gate’s direct sales department with the exclusive BNB brand. We are ready to cooperate and sell the best and best seller with respect….

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Shopping Alert Shopping Advice and all BNB products for free and at no cost at the installation site and are taught by our experienced colleagues.

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BNB Company, with consideration of your budget on the market for free advice, offers the best buy-and-get-price best seller gate equipment, regardless of the requirement to buy from our company, and only for the provision of customer service as well as It runs through the Channel Telegram on a monthly basis.

Sale of equipment and devices of protection systems

BNAB will provide you with customers and associates a variety of equipment such as gate gateways and gate guards and shop steals as well as devices such as tag types, lanyards, neutralizers and tag separators by telephone at the door.

after sales services

After-sale services are provided by telephone and in person in all parts of the country by the young and active staff of BNB Company throughout the day.