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The store gate and the dealer alert store



Gent BNB is an importer and manufacturer of all types of store gates or storeguards with experienced consultants and experienced staff at your service. Dear friends, Free advice is available.


Types of Shop Gates


Shop gate or shop stealth has a variety of variants, including the RF Gate, the Gate AM and the Gate EM, all of which have one. In fact, in the type of business and the location of the gate, according to our consultants and our experts, the type is chosen for you.


BNB Company


BNB Gat Shop is an importer and manufacturer of all types of store gates or store alarms and all its accessories such as: tag types, tag tags, round tag, four-tag tag, clothing tag, merchandise label, neutralizer and tag open for sale. And the crumbs with the right price and high quality are in the service of our customers and associates.

The Gat Store or Alarm Shop BNB has more than a decade of market effort and more than 3000 sets across Iran and with its rivals is still one of the best in the security and security system, or the store gates and store alert.

The Gat Shop and Alarm Shop of BNB throughout the country are ready to provide services as well as grant representation, so:

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