What is the tag tag or tag?

What is the tag tag or tag?

What is the tag tag or tag?

What is an alert tag?


The tags are a special alarm product that is installed on the goods and shops on the merchandise, which, upon departure, without notice to the seller, is provided by the gate gate or the store alarm system installed at the outlet of the store, triggering the device alarms and selling the vendor to steal the store. .

Tags are hard objects that are purchased once and for all, and in fact they are a few times consumed.

Types of tags

The tags are in appearance and dimensions and sizes in different types, such as the golf tag, the shell tag, the rectangle tag, the tag tag, the lens tag, the X40 tag, the X50 tag, the UFO tag, the glass tag, the pencil tag, or the pencil tag. Another collection of tags available on the market.

The tag has several types as follows. Which is usually RF, AM.

1-tag: Golf tag is one of the oldest types of tag that is usually the stores that your device has a golf tag for a long time ago, which is good due to the size of the cross-section and has good strength and is still popular. Most used in supermarkets are tagged as golf balls. It is usually available in both large and medium sizes on the market.

2. Shelf tag: The Shell or Shell tag is one of the most commonly used tags in the present. Due to the newer design, it is lighter than the golf tag, which is why it is used in clothing stores. Its diameter is from 4 to 5 The santa has a smooth surface.

Quadrangle: A quadrilateral or rectangular shape that is either square or rectangular, and a separate needle that is attached to it is usually more modest than the golf label, shell or shell.

4-tag rabbit: It's like a doll and a special kind of baby clothes, which like a square tag has its own needle and is attached to the tag.

5. Panda tag: The panda face is used for baby and baby clothes, which like a square tag has its own needle and is attached to the tag.

Triangular tag: Usually it is used in AM antennas. Like a square tag, it has its own needle and connects to the tag.

7-Eyewear tag: It is fitted with glasses and has a special opening tag. Which has recently been very welcomed.

8 - X40 tag: 4 cm and shiny. It has germs and usually has a high tendency.

9-Tag X50: 5 cm and shiny. It has germs and usually has a high tendency.

10-UFO tag: It's like a flying saucer. Except for high-level tags, but fairly high.

The store alert tags varies depending on the type of performance and product to which the tag is to be installed. At the time of purchase, the salesperson will introduce you the best and most useful tag for your business. For example, for adult clothing Golf tags and sledding are used for the children's apparel, scarves and scarves, and the four-tagged tag, or the X40 tag, due to the lighter nature of these types of tags, is recommended for other types.

It should be kept in mind that the smaller the size of the tag, the smaller the inside of the tag within the tag and the quality of it will be less that the installer will have to narrow the width of the outgoing ports to a lesser margin of error in small tags, such as the tag or X40 tag, The gate will go higher.

Tag or tag separator

To install the tag on the product or even to separate it, we need a device called tag openers or tag separators.

This kind of tag opens up to 8,000 Gauss, 9,000 Gauss, 11,000 Gauss, which quickly absorbs the anti-theft tags, unlocks or unlocks them, and sells it to the vendor at a high speed. It is also possible to easily and easily unlock store anti-theft tags and to disassemble clothes. At the same time, we must pay attention to installing the store tag in the appropriate place to prevent potential blows. Anti-theft tags should be installed in the right place if on the edge of the clothes or sleeves it can be easily removed by cutting and knitting it out. Installing the tag has its own rules that an anti-theft warehouse gatekeeper must provide.