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(EAS) Electronic surveillance of objects is an advanced technology to prevent theft in stores or bookstores, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

) Alarmers in the market, although appearing in different types and forms, are generally presented, but in general they all have a common structure, most of the alarmers have an open irradiation line and a closed excitation line, which are connected to the sensor and the closed sensor. It has a regular key or alpha switch or a lock key or remote control key to turn the power on and off. (Source: Wikipedia)

Shop gates or gate guards have different types such as Electro Magnetic (EM), Acousto Magnetism (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) which are installed according to the location of the installation site and the type of performance of the applicant of one of these types of gate guards. With the label and tag attachment to the merchandise at the time of departure and instill the gate of the store begins to draw alarms.

The use of online gateways today is an essential tool for more detailed management and supervision of retail stores, especially stores that allow their customers to move freely in their stores, touch different items, compare different brands. They have made everything that they read in their shopping cart.

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Through our statistics, our company's 90% of our new customers represent the company's old customers, which is a sign of customer satisfaction with the company's products and services.

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Due to the honor of being both the manufacturer and the direct importer of the gate products, we are ready to cooperate and sell the small and major products with good quality and reasonable prices.

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    All auxiliary equipment, including tag, tag opener, is provided with a call to respectable customers.

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    Our company provides its customers with free advice and training, as well as through the monthly Telegram Channel.

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